Pav’s top 3 headline predictions for SL 2008

December 30, 2007 at 12:58 am (secondlife)

Hamlet Au over on his wonderful blog, asked folk for their top 3 headlines for the coming year

regarding SL and VW’s. Of course I chimed in – but I’ll repost them here for posterity.

My top 3 headlines for…..


1) Linden labs opens jabber gateway into secondlife instant messaging client.
Hilarity ensues.

2) Education boffins laud html on a prim…
in principle.

3) Trans-metaverse avatars protest having to leave their weapons at customs.


1) Virtual Worlds Next Big Thing – like myspace
(but nothing like it really we just said that to get your attention.)

2) Virtual Worlds Cesspit Of Degenerate Illegality –
(err not really we just said that to get your attention again.)

3) Terrorists Plan Virtual Terror –
(eeeeh is this gonzo thing still working or do we need to start paying for research from now on?)


1) Corporates turn to virtual worlds to get things done as facebook suffers productivity killing zombie apocalypse.

2) Government economists move to establish tax rates on Netherweave, Isogen, Prism Power.

3) As corporations leave VW’s in droves, cottage MDC industry reports record growth, as does litigation for profit.

Well they’re my predictions for headlines in 2008. I think they’re a shoe in 😛

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